Mountains of Hope for Haiti is built on partnerships. Our work began in 2004, at the request of then-Circuit Superintendent, Rev. Gesner Paul, and the resident missionaries, to build a new medical clinic in the mountain village of Furcy. Construction began in 2005 and the clinic saw its first patients in 2006. Since then, Mountains of Hope has expanded its ministry to three other communities in the greater Furcy area and now includes projects in education, agriculture, clean water, local church and community support, as well as finance and micro-credit training. All of our work is done in consultation and collaboration with community leadership.   

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church music ministry

Vibrant worship is at the heart of many communities. Mountains of Hope provides support for the Music Ministry of the Furcy Church which now has a women’s choir director, men’s choir director, a children's choir director and a youth accompanist offering musical instruction to local youth. Teams often participate in, and assist leading community worship. 




Education is a key to both personal and community development. MHH currently supports 60 of the 150 students at the Furcy Primary School. 



In 2014 MHH began a Secondary Scholarship Program. This past year, the Circuit began renting a building which now houses the new Furcy Secondary School. Seventeen students are currently enrolled. Scholarship recipients are selected by the church and community.  As part of their scholarship agreement, students must provide a form of community service. This brings education back home.  

Technicians teach villagers about the sawyer filter.

Technicians teach villagers about the sawyer filter.


In response to the need for accessible and clean water, Mountains of Hope for Haiti has assisted in the building of a community cistern and several water catchment systems. In 2011 we began partnering with the Haiti Clean Water Project to provide Sawyer Water Filters to the community. Recipients receive a basic orientation in the use and maintenance of the filter from local technicians. Sawyer Filters can provide clean water for ten years, are easily transportable, and the initial cost is low at $45 per filter. To date, more than 700 filters have been distributed throughout the greater Furcy community.  


farmer's association

The Farmer's Association was established in 2008 in response to four successive hurricanes which devastated many rural communities. Through the Farmer's Association, MHH assists with providing seed, fertilizer and tools to farmers who share collectively in agricultural development.


The furcy CLINIC

Working with the EMH Health Board, Mountains of Hope supports a full-time nurse, a Haitian medical doctor who visits once per week, and a field agent who provides inoculations and bi-weekly baby checkups. The clinic offers basic medical care to the more than 10,000 people who live in the mountains and valleys of the greater Furcy community. A recent team provided dental care to 70 people, offered classes in CPR and Basic First Aid, and effective oral hygiene.



MHH partners with the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) to provide daily hot meals for the 150 students attending the Furcy Primary School. For many, it may be the only meal they receive that day. 




In 2011, in partnership with a volunteer from Maryland, MHH purchased several treadle sewing machines and a sewing ministry was begun in Furcy. Currently, under the guidance of a local seamstress, a group of women meet weekly to learn to sew, knit, and crochet. Items are made for personal use, for sale in the community, and are brought back to the U.S. for sale at mission fairs. Local technicians from UMCOR have provided basic business training for the women. 

F.A.I.T.H. Doll project

Wishing to create a more sustainable contribution for Furcy, members of New Hope UMC from Brunswick, MD, began the first endeavor of the FAITH project — "Furcy Artisans Inspired to Hope." Local women crochet dolls which are then sent to the US to be filled with batting and sold at mission fairs. For more information or to order dolls please click here.  




Volunteer teams often support building or repair projects. Volunteers work alongside local workers which not only moves a project along but creates great interaction and community. Recent project have included a playground area at the school and a cement pad outside the church.  


The village of Bon Plans is an 8-hour walk from Furcy. The church is served by the Furcy pastor. Grace UMC, Centre Hall, PA, is currently working with the pastor and community in the construction of a church and other community projects.   

As we move through 2017, we will continue to build our relationships with the people of the greater Furcy community while focusing on the areas of: 

  • Medical and Dental Care, and Support for the Clinic and Local Communities
  • Scholarship Support for Primary and Secondary Education
  • School Hot Lunch Program
  • Clean Water
  • Agricultural Assistance 
  • Sewing and "Doll" Ministry and Development
  • Continued Business Training 
  • Church Support and Development
  • Volunteers in Mission (VIM) Team Development
  • Fundraising