Joining a Team!


We are excited that you are interested in joining a Mountains of Hope mission team. MHH is a mission of the New York Conference of the United Methodist Church. We work in Haiti at the invitation of the Methodist Church of Haiti (EMH) and under the guidelines of Volunteers in Mission (VIM).

The Volunteers in Mission program (VIM) enables volunteers to be part of short-term mission ministries nationally and throughout the world. In many ways, the heart of our mission is our Volunteer in Mission teams. This is the “connection.”

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Mission trips can be stressful in and of themselves and places like Haiti can put additional emotional, spiritual and physical demands on persons. It is important that all team members be strong emotionally and spiritually and in good physical condition, as Furcy is a mountainous area, 5,000 feet above sea level.


Being Part of a Team

A background check is required for all adult team members. A person’s acceptance for team membership is dependent upon a positive response from their references and the reception of all forms and fees.

  • Team number – a team is generally 7 to 15 members.

  • Team members may be assigned a specific role on the team.

  • How long – a team stay is generally 8 days. Two days of travel, five days in the community, and a day of site-seeing.

  • Cost – about $125/day above air fare. This includes all in-country expenses including travel, room and board, translator fees, project funds, etc.

  • Medications – anti-malaria medication is required. Additionally, an updated tetanus vaccine, Hepatitis A and B, and typhoid are often needed.

  • A positive and flexible attitude.

Frequently asked question:

Is Haiti a dangerous place to visit? It is an exciting place but there are concerns that are real and must be recognized by participants. Haiti has a history of political and social instability. Team safety is a first priority and every precaution is taken to insure that teams are not put in dangerous situations. Diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria and HIV-AIDS are present. Here too, every precaution is taken to insure that team members are informed and risks minimized.