Project Overviews

The mission of Mountains of Hope for Haiti is to encourage, support, and empower rural communities toward greater self-determination and sustainability. We do this by working with the community to identify basic needs and provide funding in support of community projects which help address those needs. Financial support comes from local churches, individuals, and other sponsors.

In addition, volunteer teams provide a relational connection to the community as well as offering both generalized and specialized skills to address specific projects and community needs.

We invite you to explore the following focus areas and various ways to support the mission of MHH.

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MHH supports local agriculture through a Farmer’s Association, providing seed, fertilizer, and tools during planting seasons.

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It is estimated that 70 percent of Haitians do not have access to potable water.


Sewing Ministry

Mountains of Hope supports two local sewing initiatives which provide an opportunity for income and sustainability.

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Building projects

Volunteer teams often support building or repair projects. Teams work alongside local workers which not only moves a project along but promotes partnership and community.



MHH currently supports 60 Primary School Students and 45 Secondary School Students.

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church community

The local church is at the heart of many communities.



Working with the EMH Health Board, MHH seeks to promote improved health care through its support of the Furcy Clinic.