Education is one of the essential keys to alleviating poverty

Mountains of Hope for Haiti has made an investment in the furcy community by supporting both the local primary and secondary schools

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Hot lunch program

MHH currently partners with the EMH Education Bureau to provide daily hot meals for students. For many, it may be the only meal they receive that day. 

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primary school scholarships

Education is a key to both personal and community development. MHH currently supports 60 of the 150 students at the Furcy Primary School. 

Volunteer teams support the school by offering “enrichment” programs in various subjects.

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secondary school scholarships

In 2014 MHH began a Secondary Scholarship Program. In 2017 the Circuit began renting a building which now houses the new Furcy Secondary School. Forty-six students are currently enrolled. Scholarship recipients are selected by the church and community.  As part of their scholarship agreement, students must provide a form of community service. This brings education back home.