MHH Guest House and UMVIM update from Brulan Jean Michel:

 Hi Tom and Wendy,

The situation in Haiti is currently very calm. This week went as normal as it could be. There were no demonstrations on the streets, traffic and schools went well. 

This March 1-6, 2019 is Mardi Gras long week-end meaning schools, banks and government offices will be closed from Monday through Thursday March 7th. 

However there are calls for demonstrations starting on Thursday the 7th. In the past, governments have had breaks from opposition organization demonstrations for Margi Gras week-ends to see them reappear right after carnival. We'll wait and see how it goes this time. 

A lot of businesses, organizations and institutions including EMH Guest House are either not working to their full potentials or have had to lay off members of their personal. 

We are closely monitoring the situations, watching regular and social medias, keeping in touch with our contacts in and outside of the government so we can be aware of potential developments. 

Talk to you soon. .

Thank you so much!


Brulan Jean-Michel

EMH Guest House Manager